Customized and innovative solutions for unique finishes and high quality

Laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, sputtering, enamelling, microinjection, milling, diamond effect and varnishing are the main activities of “Centro Laer”.

We offer innovative and customised services for high-quality and unique laser engraving.

Here at Centro Laser, our core services are laser engraving, metal engraving, laser cutting, sputtering, enamelling, micromilling, together with diamond grinding and varnishing.

Our company was established in 2001 and became soon an important sub-contractor for laser machining for a wide range of products and materials in the fashion industry, costume jewellery, home accessories, gadget supplies and small decorative objects, and also in the mechanical industry.

Our top-quality service to customers, with quick delivery time, high-quality manufacturing, good pricing and upstanding work ethics are distinguishing features at Centro Laser.

Thanks to our extreme flexibility and our quick and efficient working process, we can guarantee a service that will always comply with our customers’ requirements.

Our experienced technicians will help you with advice, newer solutions and the needed support, even in the design process.

Centro Laser’s headquarters in Grumello del Monte, in the province of Bergamo near Milan, cover a surface of about 2,500 square meters equipped with a wide range of up-to-date manufacturing machines.