Accurate dosage, compressed air and a precision syringe: these are the fundamentals of the lacquering (or enamelling) technique.

Enamelling is a colouring process whereby a desired enamel layer is applied very accurately on your product, both on small objects and on those of wide dimensions.

Enamelling is especially suitable to finish buttons, buckles, necklaces, earrings, rings and any kind of jewels, as well as on micro-plates, creative writings and design objects while using the preferred pigmentation.

Furthermore, rhinestones can be inlaid thanks to our machines: Centro Laser handles this timeless trim with the utmost care and precision.

Not just colouring, but also protection

It is no mystery that enamelling can colour, protect and keep product surfaces intact.

As Centro Laser’s highly trained people, we can provide both techniques with the same expertise and top quality, since they are often linked one with the other: when a coloured enamel layer is applied, it offers a guarantee for the surface protection of your products.

By using the same equipment, we can carry out an excellent hot setting glue according to our customer’s request.

Dealing with small o larger pieces easily.

Enamelling is a versatile technique suitable for different applications on a very wide range of objects.

Thanks to our precision syringes, the colouring can also be applied on micro-plates, tiny decorative writings and on equally small areas that are often found on furniture, household products or design objects.

At the same time, even very large products are not a problem: Similarly, very large products are not a problem for us: Centro Laser is able to enamel any kind of product using the required colour and offering top-quality finishes.