Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is Centro Laser’s main force with its plotters and latest generation machines used for the highest cutting precision on every material.

Laser cutting is Centro Laser’s main force with its plotters and latest generation machines used for the highest cutting precision on every material.

High productivity, power, accuracy and high cost-restraint: these are the virtues of laser cutting. A specific technique to obtain great performance on wide work surface.

Indeed, the latest generation machines and plotters available at Centro Laser are capable of meeting any customer’s requirements without difficulties.

Thanks to these machines, we can work on the desired series of objects starting from the cutting phase of large-dimensioned raw material, to engraving and embellishing your products from several industry sectors.

High performance, low costs

Among the several advantages emerging from this technique, one of the most important is the possibility to control costs involved in the machining of your products.

Centro Laser’s machines make this possible because they can deal with still shapeless large material sheets in a single production phase, cutting it accurately and precisely, thus avoiding any wasted material.

The customer who chooses us at Centro Laser for its laser cutting can rest assured of getting the highest return on the raw material cost. And there’s more…

The excellent cost restraint comes from the complete absence of any wastage thanks to the top-quality technique of our equipment: our latest generation machines offer extraordinary execution speed and endless possibilities in the infinite repetition of the cutting process. In this way, customers working with a large quantity of series of products can fully rely on Centro Laser’s team to have their pieces produced with the utmost care and precision.

Laser cutting features

Finishing, engraving and finally delivering the end product, all these processes are carried out while “roughing” it from the raw material. All processes occur without contact between the tools and the pieces.

This is the other great feature of laser cutting: it can offer the customer a finished product in a single production phase.

Therefore, this advantage makes laser cutting highly appealing for many industry sectors and has applications in several areas: accessories, clothing and fashion, interior design, not to mention all kinds of creative and industrial projects. Laser cutting is the best option with respect to delivery time, large quantities and top quality.

The reason for this is that our laser cutting machines can manage any material. Glass, steel and stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, wood, Plexiglass, bone, horn, leather, mother-of-pearl, artificial horn, polyester are simply a few examples among the many items that laser cutting can turn into well-finished and detailed objects.

Furthermore, the laser cutting technique – in itself a complete production process – combined with other machining techniques offered at Centro Laser, can reach an endless range of customising and production processes (such as – among many others – colouring or special diamond grinding effects) that can make your products absolutely unique.