Laser Marking

Laser marking or engraving on all kinds of materials, such as metal, glass, paper, polyester, natural materials, fabrics and leather, can be carried out with laser machining.

Centro Laser serves its wide range of customers thanks to more than 60 laser machines, both Yag type or CO2, UV for laser marking, laser engraving or laser machining, which are suitable for any requirement.

Laser application

Centro Laser can use laser, cut and drill all kinds of fabrics (leather, jeans, pelt, velvet…), engrave and embellish wristbands, earrings and rings, carve glass, Plexiglass and wood, engrave personalised knives, bottles, menus, dishes, glasses and any kind of object. In this way, we can offer our customers unique and original items.

Our machining represents an effective way to personalise different objects in several industry fields: from all kinds of decorative objects, shoes and jewels, to interior design, fashion jewels and car accessories.

Laser applications are actually countless and involve products in the most varied industry sectors: fashion, jewellery, footwear, home accessories, furniture and interior design, to name but a few examples.

Fashion industry

Skin, fur coats, jeans, leather, velvet and all sorts of fabrics: all can be finished with laser machining in order to customise the product.

With CO2 laser, it is possible to engrave and cut leather of big dimensions in one single machining phase, while with laser machining it is possible to cut and drill every fabric – including leather and fur coats – as desired, with no unsightly unravelled edges. Furthermore, we can originate the desired drawings and motifs right from the initial machining phase, in order to customise the item as per the customer’s requirements.

Assorted combinations are endless and are thus pushing the most specialised fashion sectors – such as footwear and in particular the leather industry of purses and other accessories – to increasingly use laser machining and customise services, which Centro Laser supplies at top-level quality and attractive prices.

And there’s more… During the innovation and design processes of a fashion line, for example, details are essential in making a garment special and can determine its success: thanks to its machines, Centro Laser can engrave every kind of metal, such as steel and stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, silver plate, bronze, copper and brass, as well as mother-of-pearl, horn, bone and corozo. Hence, Centro Laser can make every buckle, button, boss or plate unique, be it on its upper side or on its edges.

Costume jewellery and goldsmith manufacturing

 Wristbands, earrings, rings in every style, size and material including gold and silver: thanks to laser machining (marking or laser engraving), you can design your own collections – ethnic, casual, vintage or luxury – and have it embellished with the utmost precision.

Therefore, such engraved and adorned jewels can be considered as real works of art, with the only difference that they will be produced on a large scale, with high precision and at attractive prices.

Interior design and furniture

At Centro Laser we have more than 60 machines able to engrave glass, Plexiglass, laminated wood and real wood giving these materials the most incredible effects and combinations: on the same material, we can engrave photographs and images in grey scale giving you the highest customised and the best well-designed effect ever.

Ad material and gadgets

Centro Laser can give a personal touch to your products using laser machining, thus offering you original and exclusive objects: knives, bottles, menus, dishes and glasses – for example in the restaurant industry – and can also engrave and customise accessories belonging to any other industry.

All services offered by Centro Laser – such as laser machining, diamond grinding, varnishing, milling or sputtering, etc… – allow you to enrich your product from every industry sector in an expanding way: thanks to the chosen colours, or other cutting effects, we can create thousands of innovative and exclusive combinations, which are often the product’s trigger to success.