Microinjection is the newest technique at Centro Laser. It performs indelible printing and colouring of logos or pictures on a wide range of materials such as leather, wood, plastic etc…

The difference with the old tampoprint techniques resides in its high printing quality and exceptional resistance and tightness.

Microinjection is truly versatile in many industry sectors, providing wonderful and multiple uses: it can also be described as a kind of direct printing.

Centro Laser developed this composite technique to obtain a top-level process in both innovation and field-testing on new applications. Its results are astonishing in several sectors, giving excellent results every time.

It is not a coincidence that Centro Laser owns the most modern CAM machines which can reach absolute technical perfection, using both PVC and silicone.

Micro-injection for all material

Among the most common Microinjection applications, captions, drawings and logos on all kinds of products are possible with astonishing results.

Imagine being able to insert in a printer all kinds of objects such as bottles, glasses, plates, cups, buckles made of any material like glass, plastic and even brass: the Microinjection can print whatever you want on all these materials. Of course, these are only some examples, but it gives you an idea of what the Microinjection can do: you can attach logos and images without the use of glue or older techniques, with complete fusion between the decorative drawing and the object, as if you were printing on a standard paper sheet. For this reason, the technique is also called “direct printing”.

Consequently, because its applications are endless, customers can truly customise anything according to their wishes

Hence, Microinjection guarantees incredible results while respecting customers’ demands.

Furthermore, Centro Laser continues, on a daily basis, its research and development of innovation, higher quality and cost restraint and excellent finishing: among our results, we highlight this latest amazing patent.