Here at Centro Laser we offer milling machining thanks to last generation machines. These are able to perform highly precise cutting with great accuracy, thus embellishing products coming from different industry fields such as fashion accessories, fashion jewellery, home accessories and goldsmith manufacturing.

Customers can trust Centro Laser’s professionalism for its milling machining and for the design and customisation of products with rounded, smooth or 3D effects.

The name of this type of finishing is clear: to cut the initial material with the latest-generation milling machines owned by Centro Laser. With such equipment, precise execution and accuracy are to be expected, down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to the milling process we can create…

products with rounded, smooth or 3D effects: this is possible with the milling process, which can be applied as an initial and single production phase for your products, or as “second pass” to finish the customer’s artwork with more accuracy.

Indeed, combining Centro laser’s milling technique with its other services leads to almost endless possibilities for tactile and optical effects, on a very large range of materials.

High precision on details is the main strength of this machining. Design your product and then watch it being machined efficiently by Centro Laser.

Furthermore, a highly precise mashing process is essential in the production of a huge number of products: from home accessories, to the pluralistic world of fashion accessories, fashion jewellery, and goldsmith manufacturing, all of which can be produced at Centro Laser in a prompt and accurate way.

The milling process can finish every kind of detail with amazing results on miniatures and on objects of the smallest dimensions.

Customers looking for a “personal touch” for their product, even if very small, can trust Centro laser’s machines: thanks to the milling technique, we can offer exceptionally precise results on very small dimensions. And we can go even further.

The creation and finishing of small objects will be carried out with great reliability, while considering their productivity: Centro Laser’s milling machines can therefore execute very specific applications on a vast quantity of items with no deburring or decrease in the level of quality.

Therefore, at Centro Laser, high productivity – and the resulting production costs restraint – are guaranteed also for the finishing of the most specific production, full of details in every part. Consequently, both quantity and quality are satisfied.

In the end, it is important to remember that the milling phase, as all other services at Centro Laser, can be combined with other techniques or machines. By doing so, we can offer original combinations and implement product features in a substantial way.