Centro Laser, established in 2001 in Grumello del Monte, in the province of Bergamo near Milan, deals with laser engraving, marking and cutting, enamelling, sputtering, micro-milling, diamond grinding and varnishing on all kinds of materials: metal, plastic, wood, leather, glass and paper.

Our company has a 2,500-square-meter factory equipped with many up-to-date manufacturing machines, and it is an important sub-contractor for laser machining in several industries such as fashion, costume jewellery, home accessories, gadget supplies and small decorative objects, as well as in the mechanical industry. Centro Laser keeps strong relationships with the local business in Bergamo area and offers top-level products.

We are 70 people at Centro Laser and constitute a highly specialised and professional team with a very important know-how gained throughout the years and thanks to an important investment in learning: this has helped us to be considered as one of the best companies in our region.