Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

At its core, our company also believes in investing in environmental protection and sustainability.

For this reason, Centro Laser’s production machines have low-pollution and low-emissions ratings. We use water and power supply efficiently and we encourage training, learning and participation of all our employees in reaching our goals thanks to their active engagement.

Social Responsibility

We have always believed that to follow a responsible and transparent behaviour, in order to comply with the economic, social, environmental and security requirements of all stakeholders, allows us to gain a competitive edge and strengthen our brand name while communicating our reliability in a strong way.

Our ethical engagement is evident in our daily work: Centro Laser indeed is based on honesty, fairness and integrity while offering highly innovative and technological services without forgetting about care for environment and people, both inside and outside our company, whether they be customers or suppliers.

Our work with customers, suppliers and the market is inspired by good faith and honesty: at our core, we believe that we must guarantee top-quality products together with the less tangible but equally essential and necessary services.

Managing our company ethically is essential to us. We have carried this out in the strict observance of the law and of current regulations concerning environmental protection and health and safety protection in the work field. We follow principles of fair competition, transparency and clarity in contracts; we are committed to fairness, and offer reliability when dealing with customers and suppliers; we believe in the respect of people’s rights and diversity in order to make the company a place of encouragement and cooperation.